Walk,talk & think >write

​sometimes I want to fly over the sky 

then I think about the sea side ,

why shouldn’t have a long walk ,

  a endless talk ,

 dive & drove over water 

ohohoh !!! 


 I see bird flying over the  sky 

why shouldn’t have a great trip over sky 

see twist & turns of clouds ,

see wandering walks of stars ,

a freindship wid a moon ,

a fight wid sun.


Iskcon (spiritual experience)

It’s great to have birth in india, you never know every heart corner  of country  have many spiritual places minds & heart to explore as its third week in delhi (and it’s week off no classess any more) bored much just foot forwded through love my first love & last love shri krishna iskcon it self gave me a divine peace and many more reason to come back again as on bhagwat gita it self say “The two most important days of your life are the day you born or day you find out why”